Exclusive Interview with Anshul Rustaggi, Founder of Totality Corp

by Analytics Insight

March 15, 2022

Structuring scattered data can be a tough job unless there is AI to help in the operations. There are now a number of startups and firms providing this service for businesses to start getting these insights without having to spend money and effort to execute the same. Totality Corp specializes in various types of information technology fields that include mobile gaming, 3D technology & tool development. Analytics Insight has engaged in an exclusive interview with Anshul Rustaggi, Founder of Totality Corp


1. How can businesses efficiently extract the value from data, without increasing cost and complexity?

Big data needs AI to recognize patterns & actionable insights. There are now a number of startups and firms providing this service for businesses to start getting these insights without having to spend money and effort to execute the same. My recommendation is that once the businesses find value from such insights including a good return from implementing the recommendations, they should start building an internal team to create the same expertise internally so that these insights can become a moat for the business.


2. What is your roadmap for the NFT gaming market?

We believe that a great NFT game will need to have great content, fun engagement, and interactions in the game and provide users rewards that are both social currency and monetary. We also need to engage 3 different types of audiences. The first is young engaged gamers, followed by a large user base looking at Web3 as an asset class. Lastly, a large part of the population would engage as they feel emotionally connected to Indian cultural content. We are democratizing content creation through contests like Durga NFT where we are inviting the community to create content for the ZIonverse community. We are developing game templates so that anyone can launch their own game easily through our mobile app and we are going to launch Sanskar tokens (social currency) and Shakti tokens (tangible currency) for users to earn rewards which form a foundation for Web3 game systems.


3. What is your Leadership Mantra?

The three foundational mantras for leadership from my point of view are empathy, respect, and trust in all my team members. I believe in leadership by example. If there is something I am unwilling to do, I have no right to expect the same from my team members. I believe strongly that my role is to work for my team and my team is best placed to solve all the puzzles which we have undertaken together.


4. What are some of the challenges faced by your company today?

It is a challenging environment to hire the right talent across the board. There is a race to get the best people. We are very careful of who we are and we value attitude, willingness to learn, and passion to solve the puzzles we are solving.
Another challenge is the uncertain regulatory environment with regards to Web3 and cryptocurrency. We strongly believe that India is best placed to become the global leader in Web3 as the US became for Web1 and China became for Web2, and are hopeful that the Government provides a framework that accelerates the development of the industry in India which will create huge employment opportunities, FDI inflows and also give a great experience to the consumers.


5. How has the adoption of blockchain/Metaverse in India evolved over the last few years?

India is already the 2nd highest number of Web3 users in the World and growing at a fast pace. There is a lot of interest from the community to engage with Web3 ecosystems for gaming, decentralized finance, and trading. There is a thriving community of creators, builders, developers, and entrepreneurs who are creating innovative businesses around Web3. We see a lot of transitions of developers happening from the Web2 world to Web3. We strongly believe that the mass adoption of Web3 by the community in India started last year in 2021.


6. Where do you see growth coming in for the sector?

There are a few different audiences we find in India for the sector. We see a lot of interest from the young audience who are highly engaged in blockchain gaming, NFT creation, and trading. A lot of growth is also coming from the community that considers Web3 as an alternative and attractive asset class. We do feel that there are very attractive opportunities to make money in Web3 though, given the early stages of the technology, there will be a lot of volatility going forward. Lastly we also the people from all industries who are learning about Web3 and spending time to understand how their industries will change with Web3 and how they can leverage this technological change to their advantage.


7. How do you see the company and the industry in the future ahead?

We are very excited about the Web3 space, India’s role, and what we are building for our amazing community. We are creating a decentralized metaverse for India with content themed around Indian culture and mythology. We are launching our first game in May 2022, our next NFT drop, Trimurti NFT next month in April 2022. We believe that by the end of this year, we will enable the community to create their own 3D games using the Zionverse mobile application and enable them to monetize their games, NFT, and content through the platform. We are also launching a creator DAO and Web3 school as these were demanded from us by our community.

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