Top 10 Penny Data Science Stocks to Buy for Better Returns

by Disha Sinha

March 14, 2022

Penny data science stocks are driving higher profit in digital wallets in 2022

Tech investors are highly overwhelmed with the advancement in products and services through the implementation of cutting-edge technologies. They want to invest in tech stocks related to reputed and emerging technology companies to earn profit with the utmost stability and flexibility. As we know, data science is gaining immense popularity in industries across the world for its effective data management. Data science companies are thriving in the tech market to cultivate real-time data and transform it into meaningful and in-depth insights. Thus, this is leading to the huge demand for data science stocks offered by data science companies. There are thousands of data science company stocks but let’s explore some of the top ten penny data science stocks in 2022 for smart investment.


Top ten penny data science stocks in 2022

Workiva, Inc.

Current price: US$95.19

Market cap: US$4.95 billion

Workiva, Inc. is one of the top penny data science stocks for providing cloud-based compliance and regulatory reporting solutions for industries across the world. The data science company

is known for offering Workiva platform to offer controlled collaboration, data integrations, data linking, process management, and many more from enterprise resource planning, human capital management, and so on.


New Relic, Inc.

Current price: US$58.48

Market cap: US$3.87 billion

New Relic, Inc. is a SaaS and penny data science stock company offering a wide range of products for effective data management and different data types. It includes an extensible cloud-based platform such as New Relic One Platform, New Relic Application Performance Monitoring, New Relic Applied Intelligence, and many more. This stock of data science is focused on providing open data application performance interfaces, open-source connectors, big data databases, and so on for customers across the world.


Snowflake Inc.

Current price: US$180.42

Market cap: US$55.26 billion

Snowflake Inc. is offering a cloud-based data platform known as Data Cloud to allow users for consolidating real-time data into driving meaningful in-depth insights. It helps to build data-driven applications while sharing the appropriate data. The data science company stock caters its data science services to multiple industries such as manufacturing, retail, and many more.


Elastic N.V.

Current price: US$72.02

Market cap: US$6.73 billion

Elastic N.V. is focused on delivering cutting-edge technology to search through a vast amount of real-time data such as structured and unstructured data for multiple applications. It has a wide range of data science products and services such as Elastic Stack, Kibana, Beats, Elastic Agent, Elasticsearch, and many more. It offers a data processing pipeline for ingesting data efficiently into specific areas.


Datadog, Inc.

Current price: US$127.02

Market cap: US$39.87 billion

Datadog, Inc. is known for providing monitoring and analytics platform in the cloud across the world. The penny data science stock offers a SaaS platform for integrating and automating infrastructure monitoring, application performance monitoring, and many more for providing real-time observability. Companies can leverage user experience monitoring, network performance monitoring, cloud security, etc.


Palantir Technologies

Current price: US$11.39

Market cap: US$23.12 billion

Palantir Technologies can deploy software platforms for assisting in counterterrorism investigations and operations. The data science company offers palantir gotham to allow users for identifying patterns in real-time data sets. The data science stock offers a wide range of products such as Palantir Foundry and many more to integrate data collection and data analysis efficiently.


Teradata Corporation

Current price: US$44.25

Market cap: US$4.69 billion

Teradata Corporation is providing a connected multi-cloud data platform for enterprise analytics. The stock of data science is known for offering Teradata Vantage that allows other companies to leverage real-time and connect multiple sources to adopt digital transformation through an integrated migration.


Domo, Inc.

Current price: US$42.76

Market cap: US$1.39 billion

Domo, Inc. is popular for operating as a cloud-based platform in the US. The platform is known for digitally connecting from the CEO to an employee with people, data, and systems. There is access to real-time data and meaningful in-depth insights for effective data management.


Thoughtworks Holding, Inc.

Current price: US$18.13

Market cap: US$5.53 billion

Thoughtworks Holding, Inc. is a well-known data science stock to offers technology services and data and artificial intelligence services to the global tech market. The services include data strategy, data platforms, data mesh, data governance, digital transformation, and many more. The data science stock is focused on serving industries such as energy, healthcare, retail, financial services, travel and transportation, and the automotive industry.


WNS (Holdings) Ltd.

Current price: US$82.59

Market cap: US$4.03 billion

WNS (Holdings) Ltd. is known as a popular data science company stock to offer data, voice, and analytics services across the world. This data science company stock operates through two segments as WNS Global BPM as well as WNS Auto Claims BPM.  It offers transformation services to industries such as retail, manufacturing, healthcare, etc.

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