Solana Being Left Behind, As Bitgert Plans to Support Small Scale Businesses In Raising Funds Through BRC20 Smart Contract

Solana Being Left Behind, As Bitgert Plans to Support Small Scale Businesses In Raising Funds Through BRC20 Smart Contract

by Analytics Insight

February 17, 2022

The recently launched Bitgert smart contract blockchain has started making real changes to real people’s lives.

Blockchain technology aims to decentralize various industries that have been held captive by middlemen for the longest time. It is now time to kill the centralized financial industry and bring a new order where people can trade among themselves and source funds directly from the owners and not through intermediaries. That’s the dream Bitgert crypto project has now made a reality. Read more about how this Solana inspired blockchain is supporting small scale businesses to raise funds through its recently launched BRC20 smart contract:



The recently launched Bitgert smart contract blockchain has started making real changes to real people’s lives. The Bitgert Startup Studio, built on the BRC20 smart contract, is the next big product for the business community. The Bitgert product is enabling small-scale businesses to raise funds to expand their businesses. It is a very simple process where the business owners simply need to list their tokens on the Bitgert support DEX in BRISE, and the funds will be raised through a public or private sale. All the raised funds are safely held in the BRC20 smart contract. That’s how easy Bitgert has made the raising of funds for small-scale businesses.



The Bitgert is moving with speed in developing products, and it looks like Centcex is taking up the same pace. The Centcex developing team is already deep into manufacturing a centralized crypto exchange, which is the first product. But with the multiple products the Bitgert team has released, including the recent Brise chain, the Centcex team needs to develop its chain to beat this competition. There are unconfirmed reports that the Centcex team might develop a project for its team.



There is no doubt that Solana was one of the biggest performers of 2021, while 2022 still looks great for this crypto coin. The only major difference is that Solana has to beat tough competition from the likes of the Bitgert to go back to the top again. The Bitgert blockchain speed, which is at 100k TPS, is superior to Solana. Trading on the Brise chain is also cheaper than Solana due to the zero gas fee. These are features the SOL team will need to beat now.



Like Solana, Cardano has not developed a platform to enable millions of small-scale businesses to raise funds. This is despite the Cardano having been around for more than five years. In addition to that, the Cardano chain is still having issues with decentralization, speed, and also gas fee. Though the Hydra upgrade might solve the low TPS issues, high gas costs might still be an issue. The bottom line is Bitgert has a better blockchain than Cardano at the moment.



The recently launched Bitgert blockchain is increasingly threatening Avalanche’s popularity in the market. Avalanche has been doing well because of the faster and cheaper platform it offers developers. In fact, Avalanche has also been the fastest smart contract before the launch of the BRC20 smart contract. The Brise platform is faster and has a cheaper gas fee, which is making AVAX less attractive to developers. Still, Avalanche has few products and does not support fundraising.



The coming of the BRC20 smart contract has upped the competition for Polygon Matic. As one of the smart contracts that have grown very popular in the market, Matic might start losing its privilege in the industry. This is because the Bitgert network is offering a better platform to developers than Polygon. In fact, all the features that have been making Matic popular are now better on the BRC20 smart contract. These are the reason it has been considered as one of the biggest Matic competitors.



Over the last few months, the development around the Litecoin network has been incredible. In fact, the Litecoin team has done well this year that they have launched the widely anticipated MWEB protocol upgrade. The Litecoin coin has also been accepted by many merchants, including big organizations. But the Litecoin team has not done much on products like Bitgert. The network still has not developed its own blockchain. These are factors making Bitgert super competitive over LTC right now in the crypto industry.

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