Vacancy Alert: Top Cloud Computing Jobs to Apply For in Feb 2022

by Disha Sinha

February 8, 2022

Cloud computing jobs are creating ample opportunities to gain experience in clouds

The global industries are adopting cloud computing for adopting digital transformation efficiently and effectively. There is no one in the tech world who has no knowledge about cloud computing as well as its types. Thus, aspiring techies and students are highly interested to work as cloud engineers, cloud architects, and many more. There are multiple jobs in cloud computing available in the global tech world at reputed companies with lucrative salary packages. Let’s explore some of the top cloud computing jobs to apply for in February 2022.


Top cloud computing jobs in Feb 2022

Cloud Native Chief Technologist (Solution Architect) at epam

Location: Malaga, Spain

Responsibilities: The technologist should compose a POC and MVP to validate ideas and act as an expert consultant leading cloud-native initiatives while producing relevant deliverables. It is necessary to serve as a cloud native evangelist, consult, as well as offer technical guidance on cloud-native solutions governance. There should be proper conduct of technical reviews of products to compare and evaluate applicability.

Qualifications: The candidate needs to have deep expertise in solution architecture and sufficient experience in the development of new solutions, service offerings, large-scale software development, Agile software development methodologies, and DevOps practices. There should be experienced with cloud computing as well as open-source solutions.

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Cloud Customer Experience Lead, Google Cloud Financial Services at Google

Location: New York, USA

Responsibilities: The lead should drive the successful adoption as well as onboarding of Google Cloud to help customers realize the business value, create value for customers while building a joint plan with identified objectives. It is essential to develop strategic relationships while guiding IT executives to unlock the full value of the cloud.

Qualifications: There must be a Bachelor’s degree with 15 years of customer-facing experience and a Master’s degree in a management or technical field with 20 years of experience. There should be hands-on experience with data center migration strategies and sufficient knowledge of the Google Cloud ecosystem.

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Cloud Deployment Engineer at Adobe

Location: Noida, India

Responsibilities: The engineer should leverage new Amazon and Azure technologies as well as advanced Adobe command and control systems to advance the next-gen cloud management solution. It is needed to develop and support the upgade systems for enterprise customers as well as cloud-hosted enterprise offerings.

Qualifications: There should be hands-on experience with cloud hosting, AWS, Linux, J2EE systems, and Enterprise mission-critical software including Adobe CQ.

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Cloud Architect at EY

Location: Melbourne, Australia

Responsibilities: The cloud architect must contribute to go-to-market proposals for cloud implementations, target state solution architecture, and product roadmaps, as well as develop the repeatable processes, methods, and solutions.

Qualifications: The candidate must have 5-7 years of experience as a cloud engineer or cloud architect with migration from the data centre to different types of cloud. There should be a deep knowledge of infrastructure solutions, application stacks, WAN/LAN technologies, and enterprise architecture.

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Principal Cloud Engineer- Data Strategy at Oracle

Location: Mumbai, India

Responsibilities: The cloud engineer should help to design and deploy Oracle cloud architectures to address customer business problems while driving Oracle cloud customer consumption to boost the adoption of Oracle cloud services. It is needed to implement solutions through code development and scripting, support customers from PoC through production deployment of services, as well create and distribute technical assets.

Qualifications: The minimum qualification is a Bachelor of Science in any technical field with 12 years of technical experience through presentations, demonstrations, and consultative solutions.

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Oracle Field Service Cloud at TCS

Location: Bengaluru, India

Responsibilities: The employee should customize and manage screens based on customer requirements while configuring routing plans for manual as well as automatic scheduling. It is necessary to configure capacity as well as quota management, forecasting, and web service creation with the OFSC API framework.

Qualifications: There should be a Bachelor of Technology with a minimum of more than two years of experience in the implementation of OFSC— three to ten years of experience.

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Cloud Operations Engineer at Accenture

Location: Bengaluru, India

Responsibilities: The cloud operations engineer should deploy and manage cloud infrastructure environment as well as applications through cross-technology administration, as well as monitoring automation execution. It is needed to manage incidents with a focus on service restoration while acting as operations support for different issues.

Qualifications: The candidate must be a graduate with sufficient experience of four to six years in designing and implementing AWS cloud solutions. The candidate must have four years of proficient AWS engineer while enhancing the self-service platform for DevOps product teams.

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