“Mass-Casualty Traffic Collision” Kills Nine In Las Vegas

North Las Vegas Police are calling a six-vehicle crash a “mass-casualty traffic collision,” indicating they’ve never seen anything like this before, according to NBC News

“We have not seen a mass-casualty traffic collision like this before,” Alexander Cuevas, an office of the North Las Vegas Police who spoke with reporters late Saturday. 

On Saturday, a Dodge Challenger blew through a red light on Commerce Street and slammed into multiple cars “at a high rate of speed,” Cuevas said, citing one bystander who witnessed the incident unfold. The collision involved 15 people. 

“And, with that, it struck multiple vehicles and, unfortunately, it was a chaotic event,” Cuevas said.

Nine people died due to the crash, and six suffered non-life-threatening injuries. 

Cuevas said the coroner would release the names of the deceased. He added the dead ranged from young juveniles to middle-aged adults. The driver of the Challenger is also among those of the deceased. 

“Our thoughts and our prayers are with the families who are experiencing a tremendous and unnecessary loss due to a careless, senseless act,” Pamela A. Goynes-Brown, a member of the North Las Vegas City Council, said.

Besides the high rate of speed, there’s no motive for why the driver decided to run the red light. 

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