Decentraland(MANA) Price on its Price To Surge Nearly 15% With the Next Leg Up!

The NFT space quickly jumps high as soon as the traditional cryptos showcase a notable jump. As the Bitcoin and Ethereum price rebounds from the consolidation, the NFTs also absorbed a notable bullish momentum and rallied high. Among them, the Decentraland(MANA) ranged more than 6% and also showcased a huge tendency to range high towards the upper resistance levels. 

The MANA price was also badly impacted by the recent market trends and lost a huge value within a couple of days. While the asset was on track to hit a double-digit number, the plunge declined the price too as low as $1.7. However, the asset attempted a strong recovery, but the rally is lacking strength and maybe flipped with yet another decent selling volume. 

After falling down the cliff, the asset managed to halt the downtrend and initiated a reasonable surge. The resistance and support of the channel remained highly elevated which is uplifting the price towards the next resistance.

But at the same time, the asset also carries the fear of a notable dip as and when the price approaches the apex, the asset tends to fall off to the immediate support levels. And hence before heading towards the upper target, yet another correction around $2.1 is quite possible. 

On the contrary, the Decentraland(MANA) price is showcasing extreme bullish momentum and is expected to form decent higher highs and lows to surge high. As per a popular analyst, MANA price may initially dip close to $2.1 levels and eventually rise back above $2.5 and later head towards $2.63. 

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