Top 10 Ingenious Indian AI Start-Ups to Look Out For in 2022

by Disha Sinha

January 25, 2022

Ingenious Indian AI start-ups are driving revenue to the Indian domestic market

India is one of the dominating countries paving the way through the international AI race in recent years. The Government of India is providing immense support to AI start-ups with million dollars funding. These Indian AI start-ups are focused on inventing new products and services to boost productivity and revenue in the domestic market. Let’s explore the top ten ingenious Indian AI start-ups to look out for in 2022 that is working on innovative models. 


Top Ten Ingenious Indian AI Start-ups in 2022


Avaamo is one of the top ingenious Indian AI start-ups in 2022 focused on the conversational AI platform. It offers immediate and personalized assistance to patients in the healthcare, banking, education, insurance, and supply chain sector with Voice demo— patient scheduling. This AI start-up in India helps to build a virtual assistant for any business with solutions consisting of a suite of industry-based skills for automation. It is known for offering the conversational AI platform, intelligent virtual assistants, contact center AI, cognitive search, voice AI, and security and compliance. 



Wysa is a popular Indian start-up of AI focused on helping users self-manage stressors with AI-guided listening and professional experts all the time. It has successfully developed Wysa- an AI chatbot leveraging evidence-based Cognitive-Behavioural Techniques (CBTs) to provide high-quality mental health support. There are more than 485 million conversations with 2 million CBT breakthroughs across 65 countries. is one of the top Indian AI start-ups with the world’s leading conversational CX platform for consumer-centric brands. It has successfully combined the power of human intelligence with artificial intelligence to provide active learning to deliver on-demand customer experience at scale. The total customer lifecycle automation includes building, automating, responding, engaging, driving insights, and deploying. It offers a wide range of platforms such as Proprietary NLP, bot studio, agent-assist dashboard, campaign management, and many more with solutions like customer engagement automation, customer support automation, conversational commerce automation, HR automation, and ITSM automation.


Intello Labs

Intello Labs is a popular AI start-up in India that taps the power of artificial intelligence, machine learning, and computer vision to reduce food loss efficiently. It digitizes the quality assessment of fresh fruits and vegetables with cutting-edge technology to transform quality processes and be less wasteful. It helps to bring complete transparency to the food and agriculture supply chain with a wide range of products such as Intello Track, IntelloPack, IntelloGrade, and IntelloSort. These products can capitalize data insights to boost productivity as well as automate report generation with paired image logs.



CropIn is known as the ingenious Indian AI start-up delivering future-ready farming solutions to the agricultural sector. It delivers decision-making tools with live reporting, data analysis, data interpretation, and many more. There are multiple AI-based farm management solutions such as SmartFarm, SmartRisk, SmartWare, and RootTrace. There are also six segments including farming companies, seed production companies, Agri input companies, financial lending institutions, crop insurance providers, and government and advisories.


Myelin Foundry

Myelin Foundry is a popular deep tech product Indian AI start-up focused on transforming human experiences and industry outcomes with AI algorithms on video, voice, and sensor data for edge devices. It offers Myelin Edge AI platform with real-time in-depth insights, edge AI, enhanced audiovisuals, and many more. is a well-known AI start-up in India delivering a reimagining geospatial data ecosystem. It offers an industry-leading spatial data and AI platform to help enterprises build and manage their own mapping ecosystem efficiently. The aim of this ingenious Indian AI start-up is to build a self-sustaining location ecosystem for multiple enterprises. There are more than 2.5 million miles of roads mapped with over 1.5 million restrictions successfully managed across 150 countries. It provides a wide range of solutions like ride-hailing, last-mile logistics, fleet management, and many more with platforms such as Mapverse Data and AI platform, map data management, and customized APIs.


Ziptrax Cleantech

Ziptrax Cleantech helps to extend the life of Lithium-Ion batteries with the combination of AI-based technology. Artificial intelligence, as well as IoT, allow hardware to make Lithium Ion batteries last for more than 40% of the usual time. It is focused on cell auditing, repurposing, refabrication, sales, and battery swapping. 



Agricx is one of the top ingenious Indian AI start-ups as well as the world’s first AI-based SaaS stack for entities in the agriculture sector. It is focused on reinventing transactions across the food supply chain by leveraging cutting-edge technologies to eliminate inefficiencies efficiently. It has launched a stand-alone app for quality analysis known as Agricx-Inspect, an enterprise application for processors known as Agricx-Procure, an affordable device for lab-like results known as Agricx-Spectral, and an open platform for third-party integration. 



Expertrons is a well-known Indian start-up of AI and is known as an artificial intelligence video bot platform to offer online training and development programs to career-seeking students. There are interactive video bots of domain-specific experts from top educational institutes to crack interviews, internships, as well as B-School interviews across India. It offers Expertrons Pro and Expertrons Plus to aspiring candidates. 

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