Joe Burrow’s nicknames, explained: From ‘Joey Franchise’ to ‘Joe Shiesty,’ all of Bengals’ QB’s monikers

From “Joey B” to “Joe Shiesty,” Joe Burrow is making a name for himself.

The Bengals quarterback has bounced back from a knee injury in a big way, helping lead Cincinnati to their first playoff win in three decades in the wild-card round over the Raiders.

Burrow has been a big part of that: In just his second season, Burrow threw for 4,711 yards, 34 touchdowns and 14 interceptions across 17 games. His success, of course, has led to a ton of monikers pinned onto Burrow.

Burrow isn’t short on talent — and neither is he short on nicknames. Though he’s only been in the football spotlight for the better part of three years, fans and teammates have given him all sorts of nicknames that properly convey the QB’s attitude.

Here’s what they are:

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Joe Shiesty nickname meaning

The name was given to him by TikTok-er Traphouse Sports: In one of his viral TikToks, the person behind the count anointed him “Joe Shiesty,” and later, “Joe Brrr,” with rolling Rs. 

(Editor’s note: Video contains NSFW language.)

While there’s no real origin story for it, the nickname is likely a play on rapper Pooh Shiesty, while the “Brrr” comes from the rapper’s use of the ad-lib in his music.

The ever reputable Urban Dictionary defines “shiesty” as the following: 

Shiesty usually refers to an action that is greedy and/or inconsiderate. When someone is shiesty it means they don’t think about others and do things that help them even if they know it harms someone else in anyway.

That fits pretty well, when you put into context just how inconsiderate Burrow is to opposing defenses.

The nicknames caught on late in the season: The Bengals official TikTok account even used the Shiesty and Brrrr nicknames in a few videos and captions:

Joe Burrow’s nicknames

Joe Burrow nearly has as many nicknames as he does touchdown passes in his young career. Here’s a rundown of some of the more popular:

​Named after his standing as the Bengals’ franchise quarterback.

Following the Bengals’ win over the Chiefs in Week 17, a video of Burrow smoking a cigar in the Bengals locker room with the caption “Jackpot Joey” surfaced. Burrow should probably work on his dance moves.

The nickname given to him by TikTok-er Traphouse Sports, as detailed above.

For his propensity to stay cool under pressure. (Rightfully stolen from Joe Flacco.)

For his apparent love of a good victory cigar. This one is taken, though.

Another nicknamed bestowed upon him by Traphouse Sports, similar to Joe Shiesty.

​Playing off the popularity of the hit Netflix series, and the fact that he plays for the Bengals. 

This one is pretty self explanatory. Thankfully.

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