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Blockchain technology has revolutionized many world industries. Not only is it disrupting the financial sector, but it’s also wielding influence in the anime and gaming world. Blockchain gaming has become the new norm in the industry, with many game companies leveraging NFTs to create breathtaking projects for passionate gamers.

Another NFT project, Otaku Origins, has emerged from the ecosystem. Otaku Origins combines blockchain (Solana) and anime to give ardent fans an extraordinary gaming experience. Anime or animation is loved by a significant portion of the world’s population. Otaku Origins gives these passionate fans the chance to experience anime in a new dimension – live through their NFTs in the OtakuVerse on the Solana blockchain. 

The project aims to onboard the anime community into the NFT world. Otaku Origins allows users to meet up, share their anime stories, interact, and grow a community that appreciates and comprehends anime and NFTs. 

Otaku Origins Allows Fans to Transverse New Realms With Powerful Abilities

Otaku Origins follows the story of Otakus (individuals) that mysteriously got transported into the metaverse (Otakuverse). Not only did the Otakus land in this strange new world. Each one of them got some new special abilities and weapons. Now, in this mysterious world, each Otaku must learn to survive and ward off their enemies with everything they have got. 

Each Otaku NFT is randomly created from a combination of more than 200 traits across various categories that influence their rarity and ability. The NFT represents a character in the game, which you can immerse yourself in. Each NFT is validated on the Solana network. 

Otaku NFT’s Utility

As previously mentioned, each Otaku NFT represents a character. The digital collectible serves as an entrance into the Otaku Origins Decentralized Autonomous Organization (DAO) and the Otakuverse. This means that as an Otaku NFT holder/owner, you have access to the DAO and the metaverse.

The DAO community transcends managing the Otakuverse and the NFT project. The DAO will function as a publishing house and launchpad for emerging comic book authors and artists, providing publishing, branding, audience, and marketing. Authors and artists looking for funding can directly apply to the Indie DAO through the website. The community will then decide the applications they want to fund – creating a closer connection between creators and consumers. Creators will also gain access to use any of the Otakus NFT characters for their comics.

According to the Otaku team, implementing these NFT utilities will provide a whole new experience for every anime fan within the Solana ecosystem. It will facilitate the growth of the DAO and Otakuverse. Apart from that, the Otaku NFT utilities will grant users access to its comic series publishing and P2E games. 

Comic Series Publishing: Another NFT Utility 

Owning an Otaku will also give you the right to contribute to the platform’s comic book series. The comic book follows the story of the Otakus, who one day found themselves transported to the OtakuVerse – a strange and mysterious new world. The Otakus must use their newfound powers to escape the Otakuverse before it’s too late and they are trapped forever.

As an Otaku owner, you will become a co-author, influencing the story and suggesting new plots for the comic book series. The comic book’s main author will regularly involve the community through votes to discuss the progress, storylines, characters, scenes, etc. A percentage of royalties from the comic’s sales will be distributed amongst members of the DAO community. Members will also get exclusive NFTs of the comic book airdropped for free and behind the scenes updates on progress and development.

Otaku Origins Plans Game Release Soon

Otaku Origins will be releasing the Beta version of its game based on the comic book’s storyline. This version will consist of mini-games that will help players familiarize themselves with the game’s aspects. It will allow players to explore the game’s mechanics and give feedback. The feedback will form the bedrock of its full-scale PvP game launch, set to be released in Q2 of 2022.

This post contains sponsored advertising content. This content is for informational purposes only and not intended to be investing advice.


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