Coforge Provided Data Analytics Solution for a Global Cement Manufacturing Organization

Coforge Provided Data Analytics Solution for a Global Cement Manufacturing Organization

by Analytics Insight

January 14, 2022

Coforge dispensed a ton of work by conveying IoT for a Global Cement Manufacturing Organization.


One of the keys to accomplishing the sustainable development objectives in green activities is to choose appropriate structure materials for development. Such ventures expect to utilize eco-friendly materials that support the utilization of reused and inexhaustible materials, privately fabricated with less unsafe gas discharges with long and tough profiles. Utilizing these eco-accommodating materials is likewise useful for getting higher rates during the application cycles of green structure declarations. As the interest for support-capable materials increments worldwide, the development material makers need to supply materials that can be utilized in naturally mindful structures without compromising biological conditions. Specifically, concrete production tremendously affects the climate due to delivering a high measure of CO2 during creation measures.

For the past few years, global cement manufacturing organizations have been facing challenges like change management and user acceptability, language differences, extremely complex data models, latest features have not been implemented, and too many different reporting applications have been implemented resulting in duplication of data and thereby discrepancies. Among all these three key challenges were:

Energy-escalated: Manufacturing concrete takes a great deal of energy, and not simply the figurative one. It devours a ton of warm and electrical energy among others for the cycle. The cycles must be smoothed out and checked to make them more energy-effective.

High whittling quality labor: With better opportunities in different verticals of the assembling area (supplementing the concrete portion), and the difficult idea of the business’ specialty expertise necessities, the concrete business has been seeing a steady loss of value labor.

Dealing with solids: The best test for any industry is taking care of solids all through the different cycles of assembling. If not predictable all through the cycle stream, it prompts varieties in the quality.



Coforge is known for providing the best solutions and it did for Global Cement Manufacturing Organization by providing solutions like, setting up consistent state/Business as Usual IT tasks model, progress in change exercises, decrease in no of frequencies by applying extremely durable fixes on reoccurring occurrences, month end activity automation that will bring about productivity improvement and wipe out human mistakes, and code advancement has brought about progress in framework execution.

Progress of use support from existing merchants to give SLA put together 24*7 with respect to call support and 9*5 committed help, right-shored to address all P1 to P4 ticket resolution with an SLA of 2 hours for the conclusion of P1 and P2 incidents. Moreover, support on change the board and change drive to ad-lib the current reports and dashboards, help in re-characterizing SAP announcing procedure and give a guide, bug goal in existing customization, minor enhancements which require under 5 man-days, monthly shutting exercises and produce MIS report.



It prior required 8 hours for a truck to traverse stacking and security checks in light of the fact that the whole cycle was done physically. From checking, confirmation, development, stacking to installment, everything was manual. Coforge chose to dispense with a ton of this work by conveying IoT for a Global Cement Manufacturing Organization.

The concrete organization mechanized the whole interaction from the start as far as possible. Each truck is enlisted and given an RFID tag. Through these labels, Global Cement Manufacturing can follow the trucks’ developments. The second a truck gets into the yard; a parking spot is distributed to it. Robotized frameworks create installment slips, reviewing is finished by security individuals, then, at that point, the truck moves out for conveyance. This has diminished the complete turnaround from 8 hours to 3 hours.

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