These Altcoins Are The Great HODL Opportunity Other Than Bitcoin And Ethereum!

2022 will be the year for interoperability as it will be essential to advancement and success in the cryptoverse. As interoperability is embraced throughout the space, it will turn into a conviction for all the stakeholders in the crypto industry.

Especially, Harmony (ONE), Cosmos (ATOM), and Polkadot (DOT) have enjoyed gains of 4908%, 601.2%, and 219% respectively over the past year. Furthermore, these tokens seem to be ahead of the game, and would also claim their position under the top 10 by the end of 2022.

Harmony (ONE): 

The ONE price has faced a strong rejection at $0.316 on January 3rd owing to the death-cross.  However, bulls have managed to regain the momentum around $0.272 rising up to $0.3305 with 13% gains round the clock. Whilst RSI still looks positive, ONE price is likely to claim new ATH in the next couple of days. 

Why to HODL Harmony? 

The protocol is working in a swift way to create advanced cross-chain interoperability. It has recently granted Datachain to build a cross-chain bridge between Harmony and Cosmos. This will enable access to transfer assets on Harmony to IBC-supported blockchains like Cosmos, Terra, and vice versa. With the help of IBC token, the bridge is built with the absence of any third party to achieve interoperability. 

The platform’s core vision for 2022 has been to achieve Adoption, Interoperability, and Decentralization. Hence with plans of investments in DAOs, interoperability, and NFTs ONE will be the best HODL opportunity in 2022. 

Cosmos (ATOM) : 

ATOM price has managed to flip the bottom support of $33.80 rising up to $41.36 with 7% gains round the clock. The asset is currently inches away to claim new ATH, hence the asset is expected to claim highs above $45 in this cycle. 

Why To HODL Cosmos? 

Cosmos achieved significant milestones in 2021, the yearly energy consumption by the ecosytem was less than that of Bitcoin’s one day energy consumption for transactions. Further, the platform is on the verge to launch its much anticipated Theta Upgrade on March 31st, 2022. The upgrade aims to enable meta-transactions, NFT Modules, Interchain Accounts, Liquid staking and more. 

Polkadot (DOT) : 

After claiming ATH of above $50, the DOT price failed to sustain the above support. The asset has managed to flip the prolonged bearish streak at $22.36 reaching $26.36 with 9% gains round the clock. However, if the asset passes the resistance test at $32.33 then the altcoin would rise above $35 in the current supercycle. 

DOT To Be The King Of Parachains in 2022! 

DOT conducted parachains auctions in November 2021 which boosted the price action prior to launch. Whilst the cross-chain integration is currently at its nascent stage of development, as days pass the asset is expected to gain the traction of larger user-base.

Collectively, crypto space has been evolving at a brisk rate with groundbreaking upgrades. Especially Harmony (ONE), Cosmos (ATOM), and Polkadot (DOT) have been working underground to get ready for the future ready technology.

The interoperability is absolutely necessary not just for 2022 but for years to come. Hence, we may get to see some positive actions from these tokens. 

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