Haier Group Leveraged SenseTime for Efficient Staff Management System

by Analytics Insight

January 12, 2022

The efficiency of the AI technologies from SenseTime has helped the Haier Group Corporation to boost the productivity of the staff management.


SenseTime is popular for being the leading global AI company to develop AI technologies, AI solutions for different industries in smart cities, AR, education, and so on. It continuously invests in original and cutting-edge R&D to develop leading deep learning platforms and supercomputing centers. But it faces challenges to help other tech companies efficiently and effectively while maintaining the standard quality of services. It has served multiple companies with its urge for innovation, Haier Group Corporation is one of them. It faced multiple challenges such as delays in the services of employees due to a congested lobby. It could not compromise the office security and was in need of a digital solution. SenseTime offers services like SenseKeeper that could solve the congestion problem through the implementation of AI. SenseTime also offers facial verification technology for effective customer and staff management systems. Haier wanted to adopt these AI technologies to confront the challenges efficiently and effectively without removing the use of staff cards. 



SenseKeeper is well-known for its exceptional facial recognition accuracy and rapid recognition speed. SenseTimeinnovated this product that can identify 50,000 persons daily at a speed of 0.3 seconds per person with 99% accuracy. It is also easy to install and practical to use for any other company. The system even operates when the network is unavailable and flexible in managing the varying lighting conditions in different architectures. Haier branding building consists of a glass building and the gate sensor camera is sensitive under different kinds of lighting conditions. Thus, Haier took the initiative to confront the challenges by adopting SenseKeeper to fully suffice the need for in-office access management. Haier also has started exploring the other functionalities of SenseTime to enhance productivity and overcome the challenges of becoming one of the leading companies in the world. 



The efficiency of the AI technologies from SenseTime has helped the Haier Group Corporation to boost the productivity of the staff management. The implementation of SenseKeeper has solved the congestion problem without compromising office security. SenseKeeper helped the Haier group with personal authentication, access control, attendance management, and so on to ensure intelligent security control from local databases. Haier took advantage of detecting and tracking multiple faces, profiles, partial occlusion, as well as blurred images efficiently. Thus, SenseTime successfully provides support in multiple identification modes with security cards, face scans, or both. 

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