Top 5 SpaceTech Trends that Will Dominate the Industry in 2022

by Sayantani Sanyal

January 11, 2022

These spactech trends are all set to rule the industry in 2022

The past decade has witnessed an exponential surge in space exploration, both by professional astronauts and by those with the financial capability to expedite the stars. Space technology is rapidly growing, as the companies are utilizing technologies like 5G, 3D printing, big data, and advanced satellite systems, to name a few. Implementing advanced space technologies in crucial situations like weather forecasting, remote sensing, satellite television, and so on has made operations much more effective and efficient. It is safe to say that the space technology industry will continue to grow in 2022 and beyond. In this article, we have listed the top spacetech trends that will dominate the industry this year.

  • Reusable rockets: For space travel, reusable launch systems for orbital vehicles are supposed to dramatically lower the cost of leaving the Earth’s atmosphere. It will make sure that routine space missions are effectively conducted by launching satellites and resupplying the international space station with far more economical means.
  • Boost in space tourism: In 2022, space tourism is set to take a leap further. It will not be just private companies looking to commercialize on this opportunity, but several countries are also looking for ways to capitalize on space tourism.
  • New initiatives towards cleaning space junk: After years of sending endless rockets to space, humankind has started to realize the congestion it has caused. The year 2022 will witness new advancements in the initiatives leading to clean up space junk and reduce the presence of floating objects that cause damage to moving rockets and satellites.
  • The emergence of more satellites: Satellites make up a huge portion of commercial space activity, and this is a trend that will continue ruling the industry in 2022. Since GPS and satellite imagery have become a major part of our daily activities, this trend will surely go up this year.
  • More competition for ISS missions: Missions to the international space station has been the core agenda of NASA. Governments and private institutions are now in constant competition to lead ISS missions and reveal the time’s greatest space discovery.

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