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Meme coins aka joke coins witnessed tremendous growth in 2021. These highly volatile, community-driven coins leveraged the rising crypto market to make a name for themselves in the cryptoverse, with their prices increasing by as high as 80,000%.

While they remain attractive to buyers due to the fact that they cost a few cents, most of the tokens have no real-world use cases and their ecosystems are run by their communities. Because of this community-driven concept, their prices can plummet and pump unexpectedly, which can lead to loss of investments. Additionally, they can easily be manipulated and give way to scammers to utilize them.

However, Ginga Finance operates differently. Unlike many meme tokens, $GIN is a unique decentralized token with real use cases and stablecoin rewards. It popularized the concept of holding culture, where users get to earn passively for holding $GIN tokens. Tokens are distributed directly to the investor’s wallet. 

In addition to earning passively for holding, investors can maximize their earnings by participating in “The Fastest Dog” challenge, where you get a chance to win $BUSD. The quickest claims the reward. What needs to be done is connect your wallet holding the Ginga tokens to dapp on the website and wait every hour for the button reading “Run” to appear on the screen. The first individual to click the button gets rewarded a percentage of the total BUSD balance in the smart contract.

Mixer: Improving Privacy Beyond Measures

Mixer is a powerful product feature in the Ginga ecosystem that aims to improve user’s privacy. Transactions recorded on the blockchain aren’t 100% anonymous. One thing that prompted users to opt for crypto transactions was the so-called anonymity it offered. However, your identity may still be exposed, primarily if you use wallet naming services.

Peeping Toms could use blockchain to analyze transactions and execute some forensic audits. The objective of Mixer is to enhance the security of your transactions and identity by disrupting the connection between source and destination wallets. Thereby, improve your privacy.

How Ginga’s Mixers Work

Using the Mixer is basic. All you need to do is provide some information and follow the steps below to get the process started.

  1. Provide the wallet address of the receiving wallet. It mustn’t be an address related to exchanges or contracts.
  2. Set the delay time. The default timing is five minutes, but you can alter it to a maximum of one day. The longer the delay, the further your privacy level is raised. The transaction between the sending wallet and the receiving wallet will be completely anonymous within the set time frame.
  3. If available, provide the discount and user secret code. The latter is for returning users to avoid the tokens from getting back once they have been sent to the Mixer.
  4. Upon providing all the necessary information, click “Mix my BNB.”
  5. Copy and paste the wallet address generated by the Mixer and the guarantee code.
  6. Now, log into your personal crypto wallet you want to send the tokens from and enter the generated wallet address provided in step 5.
  7. Input the number of tokens you want to mix. The minimum amount you can mix is 0.1.
  8. Approve the transaction and select send.
  9. Mixer receives the tokens and proceeds to mix them.
  10. After successfully mixing them, the mixed tokens will be sent to the receiving wallet provided in step 1.

Mixer is overly secure. So, a security breach is zero. Mixer fees range from 1% – 5% per transaction. The fees further improve the privacy of the transaction and maintain the ecosystem. Aside from that, half of the fees are used to burn $GIN tokens

At the moment, Mixer is available on the Binance Smart Chain network only. The team has plans to expand the feature to other chains in the future.

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