Can AI Revolutionize the Recruitment Process? Let’s Find Out

AI algorithms helped a global FMCG to launch a digital recruitment program to screen candidates

AI and machine learning allow the professionals to analyse huge amounts of data and make decisions based on the data analysed, said Summer Husband, Senior Director of Data Science at Randstad Sourceright, in a presentation at the 2017 SourceCon event. The Pandemic has changed the way a company performs. Earlier an HR of a company had to go through hundreds of applications and then finalise the right candidate for the company. With the advancement of technology especially during this pandemic, the organizations have decided to opt for a new recruitment process via AI or artificial intelligence.AI no doubt is a revolution in the field of recruitment. While we are all working in a remote environment, it’s extremely crucial to plan out how to manage and build a highly efficient team virtually. Recruiters always prefer to search for a better talent faster and AI will help them do that without any hindrance.

According to the reports, 60% of the CEOs were concerned about finding the right talent for their company, but now they are using automated hiring solutions to improve the quality of hire. A global FMCG has launched a digital recruitment program that will screen the onboarding candidates, thanks to the AI algorithms. This process helped the recruiters to assess the candidates on the basis of aptitude, ability to manage uncertainty, potential to innovate, ability to deliver results, so on and so forth. The AI algorithms helped the recruitment team to sieve those candidates who can match up to those criteria and eliminate the rest, thus making the recruitment process hassle-free even amidst the pandemic.


How Can AI be Beneficial?

In this tech-savvy era, organizations too are opting for AI-based digital hiring solutions. They can assess and identify the true match for their company hassle-free through automatically aligned interview processes. These tools will be designed in such a manner that they will go through the applications and save both the time and energy of the recruiters, during the recruitment process. AI-based digital hiring solutions will help the organizations to reduce the hiring speed, enhance a candidate’s performance, etc.


Why Should an Organization Opt for AI?

Organizations especially after the pandemic are planning to opt for AI-based digital hiring solutions as:

  • AI-based digital hiring solutions have the ability to recruit candidates for an organization faster, as the time-consuming tasks can be automated. Companies can reach out to the candidates even amidst the pandemic and answer all their queries, send job applications and set up interviews within a fraction of seconds.
  • With the help of AI, companies can find their right match amidst tons of applicants. They don’t have to go through tons of applications. AI-based tools are designed to assess the candidates’ profiles automatically and based on the assessment, the company can find the right candidate without ant human touch.
  • Fortunately, AI-based recruitments are unbiased.
  • AI offers continuous guidance during the application process as well as during scheduling interviews. Hence, AI successfully brings a revolution in the field of recruitment all over the world.

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