Top Five Advances in Voice-Assistant Technology in 2021

by Analytics Insight

December 26, 2021

This article features the top five best advances in voice-assistant technology in 2021

Voice search, also called voice-enabled, allows the user to use a voice command to search the Internet, a website, or an app.

In a broader definition, voice search includes open-domain keyword queries on any information on the Internet, for example in Google Voice Search, Cortana, Siri, and Amazon Echo.

Voice search is often interactive, involving several rounds of interaction that allow a system to ask for clarification. Voice search is a type of dialog system.

Voice search is not a replacement for typed search. Rather the search terms, experience, and use cases can differ heavily depending on the input type.


Trends of this Technology

1. Voice Cloning

Or a voice replication technology. Machine learning tech and GPU power development commoditize custom voice creation and make the speech more emotional, which makes this computer-generated voice indistinguishable from the real one.


2. Voice assistants in smart TVs

Smart TV is an obvious placement for a voice assistant — you don’t really want to look for that clicker and spend some more time clicking when you can use your voice to navigate. All you need to do is press and hold the microphone button and speak normally — there’s no active listening, and no need to shout your commands from across the room


3. Voice for business

In 2021 we will definitely see more solutions to improve business processes — voice in meetings and voice for business intelligence. Voice assistants will be highly customized to business challenges, integrated with internal systems like CRM, ERP, and business processes.


4. Multimodal approach

More and more developers come to the conclusion that a device ecosystem and multimodal approach are much needed. A voice assistant may simultaneously live on your mobile phone, smartwatches, smart home, and smart TV.


5. Games and content

More games, learning, and entertaining content are expected since tech companies like Amazon, Google, and other voice-first tools’ developers push their builders to the market. Advertising via smart speakers and displays is a great chance to promote a product.

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