Farrow Law Firm Announces Insurance Office of America Lawsuit For Defamation Against Former Employees, and Attorneys Have Filings of Notices of Depositions of Non-Parties

LONGWOOD, Fla., Dec. 20, 2021 /PRNewswire-PRWeb/ — These depositions have yet to be formally scheduled, pursuant to a footnote in the Notices of Taking Depositions, the dates set forth in the Notices are subject to change based upon all parties and non-parties availability. The Non-Party Witnesses named in the Notices include Wesley Scovanner, Clark Witten and Abigail Ritenour, none of whom are accused of any wrongdoing and are potential non-party fact witnesses to the allegations of the Plaintiffs in their “More Definite Statement” against the remaining Defendants and their lawyers. This defamation case has been pending since March, 2020.

According to the filed Notices of Taking Deposition Duces Tecum (filed in the 18th Judicial Circuit Court in Seminole County, Florida, Case Number: 2020 CA 000725 11B), non-parties have been requested to produce documents, to the extent they have them, relative to their relationships with Plaintiffs as well as appear for oral deposition. Although documents and testimony have been requested, the same may be objected to and the Court may limit or even deny any or all of the requests in the Notice of Taking Depositions. At this time, Plaintiff’s counsel has requested a “meet and confer” about the filings to attempt resolve discovery disputes before bringing the same to the Court and the same should occur after coordinating a date with Defendant’s counsel.    

If you have any information as to the allegations in the Insurance Office of America, John Ritenour or Heath Ritenour’s More Definite Statement filed in our about March 2021 which can be found at the 18th Circuit Judicial Website Case Number: 2020 CA 000725 11B against former business associates and their lawyers, or if you are a witness as to the reputation of Insurance Office of America, Inc., John Ritenour or Heath Ritenour, or have any information regarding the Notices Case Number:2020 CA 000725 11B., please contact us. All communications will remain confidential unless otherwise permitted by the witness/whistleblower or Court order.

This is a Notice to potential witnesses and whistleblowers who may have information regarding the allegations in Insurance Office of America, Inc’s, John Ritenour and Heath Ritenour’s filed More Definite Statement against Defendants. At this time, the Court has issued a preliminary injunction against Defendants which is now on appeal before the 5th District Court of Appeal and Defendants have filed their initial brief. Plaintiff has yet to file its Answer Brief. This notice to witnesses has no opinion as to the issues of the case, or those issues on appeal or as to Plaintiff’s allegations in their More Definite Statement or as to whether the non-parties forthcoming testimony will occur or be permitted by the Court. The Non-Party Witnesses referenced herein, are not accused of any wrongdoing, are not parties to Plaintiff’s case and are potential non-party fact witnesses to the allegations of the Plaintiffs. This Notice is not a solicitation for any individual having any alleged claims against the Plaintiffs Insurance Office of American, Inc, John Ritenour or Heath Ritenour and is being published such that Defendants may obtain information from witnesses or whistleblowers. This case has not gone to trial. The Non-Parties and the Plaintiffs have rights to object to the Notice of Taking Deposition referenced herein. As such, the production of the requested material may be subject to Court review upon objections or motions to quash and the non-party witnesses may be excused altogether after court rulings from testifying or producing documents.

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