Ubisoft NFTs See Big Demand In First-Ever Digits Drop On Tezos

Ubisoft says it has seen big demand for its first Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs) on its new platform, Ubisoft Quartz.

The video game developer said the first “Digits” claim on Ubisoft Quart was “massively oversubscribed”, with all 2,000 items on offer sold within 30 minutes of going live. 

Ubisoft’s Digit NFTs are in-game items such as weapons, vehicles and equipment for its popular Ghost Recon Breakpoint title, which launched in beta just last week. 

NFTs are unique digital goods recorded on a blockchain that can be bought and sold. The concept of NFTs is growing as it enables digital assets to hold value. 

Ubisoft said each of the first 2,000 Digits it sold are totally unique and that their ownership will be tracked over time, with its own serial number that can be seen by both the owner, and other players, during gameplay.

The items don’t give players any in-game advantage, as Ubisoft said they are merely cosmetic. 

Ubisoft brings in a positive approach to NFT’s

NFTs have attracted criticism in some quarters for their negative effect on the environment, but Ubisoft says its Digits are more energy efficient because they’re based on the Tezos blockchain that uses a proof-of-stake consensus protocol that requires less energy.

Whereas a single transaction on Tezos uses the same amount of energy required to stream 30 seconds of video, some other blockchains use the equivalent of one year of non-stop streaming. 

While the concept of purchasing in-game items is nothing new, those items have always been tied to a single account – making them a digital representation the gamer has no agency over.

That’s no longer the case with Ubisoft’ Digits, which can be bought and sold on third-party NFT marketplaces. 

Ubisoft said it will offer Digits for sale on a regular basis, though all items will be limited editions with a fixed number available, and players will only be allowed to own one of each collection.

By doing so, Ubisoft hopes to create scarcity for the items that could increase their value over time. 

To purchase the Ghost Recon Breakpoint Digits, players were required to have reached at least level 5, be a minimum of 18 years old and live in the U.S., Canada, France, Spain, Germany, Italy, Belgium, Australia or Brazil. 

To date Ubisoft has launched three Digits drops and says it is planning many more in early 2022. 

Ubisoft’s interest in blockchain also led it to invest in a company called Animoca Brands, which creates blockchain-based video games.

The company says Digits is part of a “large-scale experiment” that’s just the latest step in more than four years’ exploration of blockchain technology.

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