AIOps: Learn Upcoming AIOps Trends to Drive Business Revenue in 2022

Artificial intelligence operations or AIOps trends are set to drive business revenue

AIOps, or artificial intelligence for IT operations, are multi-layered technology platforms that automate and enhance IT operations through analytics and machine learning. This technology leverages big data by gathering information from various IT operations tools and devices to automate reaction to real-time issues, while still providing traditional analytics.

The evolution of IT infrastructures, moving from static and predictable physical systems to software-defined resources that change and configure instantly, demands equally dynamic technology and processes for their management.

AIOps enables organizations to break data silos and overcome the existing challenges with full visibility across IT environments. With the amount of data available, this technology includes multiple AI capabilities for data monitoring and processing. With AIOps, data is ingested in the form of logs, events, and metrics and is analyzed along a set of algorithm that selects specific data points. After these data points are chosen, a correlation or a set of patterns is in identified, insights are drawn and then it is passed on to the collaborative work environment.


Trends of AIOps in 2022:

Data Agnostic Tools: New AIOps solutions allow greater insights from the data. The more varied the data inputs, the more robust the AIOps algorithms will become. These augmented procedures will eventually lead to more data-driven and accurate decision-making.

Hyperautomation: Hyperautomation allows companies to create a digital twin. It will allow organizations to visualize how it functions, processes, and analyze KPIs to create value of the organization.

Observability Platforms: The AIOps solution platform is highly fragmented, but observability platforms diminish this complexity. These platforms select and present relevant insights to users, while also proactively solving other relevant issues.

Virtualized Operations and Service Management: Since the Covid-19 pandemic has disrupted the normal working conditions of every organization, the virtualized way of communication is becoming the new normal. AIOps solutions will ensure the smooth functioning of the business operations.

Chat-bots: Chat-bots and virtual assistants provide automated support, reducing the need for live customer service agents. AIOps can be used to improve employee productivity as machines will provide them solutions to all their queries.

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