What Are the Benefits of Automating Your Payroll System?

by Analytics Insight

December 9, 2021

This article features the benefits of automating your payroll system

If your company still uses a manual payroll system, you need to consider updating your system to an automatic one.

With an automated computerized payroll system, you can significantly speed up processes. And as every company knows: time is money.

There are many other benefits to reap from using an automated system besides saving time, though. Let us dig deeper into the key advantages.


Automatic Calculations Speed Up Processes and Reduce Errors

It is not only that automation makes payroll a speedier process. An automated system also reduces the risk of error.

For instance, payment and deduction calculations can be automatically calculated to ensure employees always receive the right amount of pay, with the correct deductions taken for things like benefits and taxes.

Payroll software like QuickBooks and Sage Peachtree calculates workers’ gross-to-net earnings based on the data inputted by the people working in a payroll department, which means errors can potentially happen. But with a fully automated payroll system, all types of payments are sure to be right.

In turn, that means there are fewer employee pay issues for human resources professionals to deal with. And HR members of staff can still use other tools, like an online paystub maker, in conjunction with an automated computerized payroll system.


You Can Save Money on Employing Personnel When You Switch to an Automated System

When processes are sped up, you save time and in turn, money. But your company can save even more money by using an automated payroll system due to the fact that less personnel is required.

With fewer human resources members of staff needed to handle payroll due to the automation of the system, your company can significantly lower its operating costs and improve its bottom line. That especially applies to companies that outsource payroll processing.


Automation Keeps Important Records Safe and Frees Up Office Space

Tax filing and record-keeping become much easier when all the information is in one place and easily accessible. And that is exactly what you get with an automated payroll system.

Furthermore, when all records are kept digitally, no documents can be misplaced or damaged.

The IRS requires employers to keep employment tax records for at least four years and the U.S. Department of Labor requires employers to keep payroll records for at least three years.

With so many records to keep, it not only becomes problematic for human resources professionals to locate documents quickly when they use a paper-based system. So many paper records also take up a lot of office space.

You can significantly free up space at the office and ensure all records are kept safe when you utilize an automated payroll system.

Furthermore, automation makes it easier to create other reports, such as statistical data, that can be used to improve some of your company’s operations.


Payroll Information Is More Secure with an Automated System

Following on from keeping records safe, an automated system is generally safer and provides more security than a manual paper-based system.

Firstly, by removing the human factor, there is less risk of information leaks occurring.

Secondly, when all payroll information is digitally encrypted and protected by passwords and other security measures, you ensure the information cannot be easily stolen, unlike having filing cabinets full of paper payroll records.

An automated payroll system provides better security all-around.


By Using the Time and Money You Save Wisely, You Can Develop Your Company Further

Lastly, by eliminating the problems and time-consuming activities that come from a manual payroll system, you can focus more on developing your company.

For instance, with fewer human resources professionals needed, you could spend the money you save on onboarding marketing professionals and business finance experts who can help you take your company to the next level.

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