How Play-to-Earn Is The Next Big Thing in Blockchain Gaming

When most of us play games, we do so with the intention of being rewarded in the form of bragging rights, high scores, and virtual titles.

It is common in gaming circles for people to brag about hitting the top score in a game, making the leaderboard, or finally completing that difficult level after trying several times. 

What most of us do not bank on, however, is the possibility of winning tangible money that can be used to buy goods and services in the real world, unless we are betting or playing games professionally.

The income that is generated from games, whether million-dollar blockbusters or indie games, remains in the hands of the studios for the most part and never gets to the players themselves. 

Now, however, the blockchain industry is seeing an influx of play-to-earn games that allow you to earn actual money for gaming without being a professional.

These sorts of games capitalize on the current interest in cryptocurrency and offer it as a form of reward for players.

Instead of just getting a digital trophy for winning a game, you can get crypto or NFT along with it. This goes on to raise the stakes for these games and make them more entertaining.

One of the first innovators in this field was IQeon, which is now in the beta testing stage for its platform.

Get Paid to Play 

We all have some sort of gaming achievement that we are very proud of, whether it is a winning streak or a high score.

But now, IQeon is giving its users a chance to actually make money from their gaming achievements. 

IQeon, which is backed by the popular Ethereum blockchain, has a number of gaming options in its roster, including shooting games, arcade games, strategy games, and so on.

The games also allow for a single-user trainee, free multiplayer competitions or matches and once the competition is over, the best player is chosen as the victor and receives the reward.

This means that players are not limited to a single game but can pick from whatever genre and style that they prefer. 

IQeon is currently in beta testing which started in 2019. Furthermore, IQeon is developing an informational portal for all things gaming and geek culture and this is to act as a guide for players. 

At the center of IQeon is its native $IQN token that is used for everything from bounties to bonuses and is available to buy via several exchanges like EXMO, BITFOREX and HITBTC.

As per IQeon’s official website, the total supply of $IQN is ​​5,491, 860 IQN. 

Putting the Player in the Drivers’ Seat of Gaming

This new crop of play-to-earn games makes the gaming sector much more exciting by raising the stakes and creating more opportunities for newcoming gamers.

Now they can play for fun and at the same time earn additional income, which can become crucial with the current level of uncertainty in a modern world.

A game is much more exciting if there is money to be won than otherwise.

It also helps to secure a more robust gaming landscape where players can feel like they have more of an investment in the success of the games and the larger ecosystem.

As these sorts of projects become more common, it will become the norm for gamers to reap the rewards of their gaming efforts and this will make for a more enjoyable and equitable gaming landscape overall. 

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