Warrants issued for woman accused of making fraudulent claims

A picture may be worth a thousand words, but for one woman, her copying of photos from the internet was worth three charges of insurance fraud.

The Office of Commissioner of Insurance and Safety Fire in Georgia announced that warrants have been issued for Cassondra Daniele Fuller of Blacksburg, VA. 30-year-old Fuller has been charged with three counts of insurance fraud.

“Before moving to Virginia, Ms. Fuller made three separate stolen property claims with USAA Casualty Insurance Company by submitting fraudulent photographs generated from the internet in an attempt to pass them off as her personal belongings,” said Insurance and Safety Fire Commissioner John King.

King added that the suspect was purportedly paid for the first two claims, which totaled $7,537.11. Fuller then allegedly attempted to fraudulently claim for a third time, for a payout of approximately $14,000, the commissioner noted.

The public has been advised to contact the Office of the Commissioner of Insurance and Safety Fire’s criminal investigations division if they have any information on Fuller’s case.

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In another photo-related fraud news, a Raleigh, NC man was arrested and charged last week over accusations that he fraudulently claimed that his burger had hair. It was suspected that he manipulated the photo he submitted for the insurance claim.

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