These Low Cap Altcoins Could 10X By The End Of 2021!

The crypto street has always been enthusiastic about exploring newer and lesser-known altcoins. As most often the low cap coins are the ones, which yield greener candles on the market charts. The coin market holds a plethora of digital coins, each of which is attempting to rage ahead of the other. 

Consecutively, exploring the potential ones is now a tedious task, which certain sections contemplate with finding a needle in a haystack. That said, the industry does hold several potential digital coins which are yet to see the spotlight. A proponent from the industry pens such altcoins that could pounce multiple times ahead of the current price. 

Cryptocoiners Need To Consider these Altcoins! 

As previously mentioned traders in the space are keen on grabbing low cap gem coins. While top-tier coins portray little signs of a massive surge for the year-end. An industry proponent sheds light on the lesser-known digital coins that could moon by the end of 2021.

Ardana (DANA):

Ardana teams up with Near protocol. The alliance enables the transfer of assets between two protocols in which Ardana will provide the bridging infrastructure. The alliance is of vital importance for the Cardano ecosystem. As Cardano users will be able to transfer assets from Cardano to Near, and the other way round.

DANA at press time is trading at $7.34 with gains of 5.5%. While the market cap is at about $25,472,730. The trade volumes for 24-hours are at $3,035,333. DANA’s price has been trading along with the bandwidth from $6.15 to $8.97 since the previous day.

Audius (AUDIO)

Audius launches an NFT embed tool for Twitter, Discord. The move will allow users of the platform to evince their Ethereum and Solana NFTs on Twitter, Discord, and other websites. A motion towards the booming NFT space would help the asset rally higher.

The digital coin at the time of writing is trading at $2.65 with profit-making gains of 28.3%. The market capitalization of AUDIO is at about $1,365,938,198. While the trading volumes for around the clock are at about $269,958,641.

Celsius Network (CEL):

The space is well versed in the rehousing of Bitcoin mining post the crackdown in China. The industry has been witnessing investments in mining. Consecutively, the Celsius network will be investing $300 million in Bitcoin mining. The firm has also made previous investments in mining equipment and equities.

CEL’s price is currently at $4.00 with negligible gains of 0.4%. While the market cap is at about $1,692,925,031. The trade volumes for around the clock are at $4,613,598. The ATH is currently distant at $8.05 which was hit 6-months ago. This hints at the previous track record of the altcoin.

Mina Protocol (MINA):

The network’s newest SNARK, Kimchi brings faster verification and prover time than the original PLONK SNARK. The initiative will bring easy Snapp’s programmability while requiring less computing power. Hence increasing efficiency.

MINA at press time is trading at $4.42 with negative gains of 3.1%. The market cap is currently at about $1,335,042,559. While the trading volumes for 24-hours are at $62,851,971. The price has been oscillating in the range of $4.39 and $4.62 since the previous day.

Origin Trail (TRAC):

The platform is tackling food traceability, fashion and apparel traceability, trusted factory standards, and certifications, among others. The platform catering to real-world use cases and industries could help the asset propel higher.

TRAC at press time is valued at $1.77 with gains of 3.0%. The market cap of the digital asset is $649,276,626. The trading volume for the last 24-hours is at about $8,241,859. TRAC did trace to its ATH of $3.50 about 21 days ago.

Modefi (MOD):

The platform is building a foundation for the real-world adoption of Oracle and DeFi. It aims to eliminate the single point failures in centralized and Oracle solutions. By providing a secure and precise decentralized aggregate Oracle solution.

The digital asset at press time is trading at $1.46 with profit yielding gains of 17.3%. The market cap of the digital asset is about $20,555,558. While the trade volumes since the previous day are at $1,717,488. MOD price has been oscillating between $1.23 and $1.52 for the past 24-hours.

Collectively, the aforementioned digital coins are worthy contenders for the bullish leg-up. As the protocols have been embracing the challenges in the industries. Another protocol’s adhering to NFTs and Metaverse could also be under consideration. The networks are growing on protocol, while attracting investments, and catering to real-world use cases. Other protocols  Hopefully, the altcoins will rise higher in the near term.

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