The SEC’s Nose is now Pinocchio’s Nose! Ripple’s XRP Price Could Surge 100%!

The legal tussle between Ripple and the SEC shows signs of abating. As the SEC’s irrational and biased claims fall prey to Ripple’s legally robust validation. Meanwhile, the XRP community is on war footing to claim justice. With its trend on a social media platform. 

Referring to the previous mentions on SEC’s website. Crypto proponent brings to notice how the regulator has forgotten the lies that they have lied. Popular investor updates his XRP holding and his price expectations.

Updates from the Judiciary?

  Popular defense lawyer apprises that, the judicature permits the ripple defendant’s motion to seal the privilege logs. Attached to their response to the SEC’s filing from the 22nd of October. Which was the one where the SEC contended. That it didn’t have to turn over to Ripple the three additional documents the SEC  claims are privileged.

Including the email chain with a third party, told by the SEC to analyze its digital asset. Under the framework of Hinman’s speech. The decision of whether the SEC has to turn over the documents it claims are privileged has not been issued. Meanwhile, netizens are expecting a settlement in the case as early as next week. Which could possibly help XRP go 100%.

SEC Stumbles Upon Its Own Claims?

Crypto proponent highlights the fact that the SEC website mentions that. Whether a blockchain is fully functional is relevant to the Howie analysis. This is something the SEC has been trying to deny in the allegation. As the regulatory agency has back-pedaled to say that Hindman’s 2018 speech. That Ethereum is not being security is not an official statement from the SEC.

He also mentions that Larson moves to compel the SEC to contend whether the XRP ledger was fully functional before the beginning of allegations. As the SEC’s own website states that “Whether a digital asset is not fully functional at the time of sale is relevant in a Howie analysis. 

It is apparent that the regulating agency lacks clarity on its claims. And that they have lied to an extent that they have forgotten, what they have lied to.

On a positive note, the wolf of wall street Jordan Belfort updates that he holds a large amount of XRP (six figures). He believes the digital asset to be worthy of hitting the $10 mark, as he is ready to settle at the milestone.

 On the other hand, Binance will support the Songbird airdrop program for XRP holders. While Binance U.S denies its support for the same, leaving its users in a bummer. Collectively, we can expect the tussle to subside in the near future, as there’s little to nothing to ponder on. Hopefully, XRP gets its due share with the settlement of the case.

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