“Absurd” – Masks Mandated In Irish Nightclubs…But Not When Drinking Or Dancing

Authored by Paul Joseph Watson via Summit News,

People in Ireland have told that they will have to wear masks in nightclubs, but not when they are eating, drinking and dancing, in the latest absurd update to the rules.

Wait, what?

The Irish government scrapped plans to lift restrictions entirely after media-induced fearmongering about a “surge” in COVID cases (caused as Reuters admits by mass testing after kids returned to school).

Under the new rules, people will be able to enter nightclubs after presenting proof of vaccination, but not negative COVID tests (despite the vaccinated being able to pass on the virus).

The London Evening Standard reports; “People going to nightclubs will have to wear face masks except when eating, drinking and dancing, Taoiseach Micheal Martin said.”

Apparently, COVID only chooses to infect people when they are entering the premises, going to the toilet, or chatting with their friends.

When it sees scores of sweaty people in super close proximity dancing together, it steers well clear.

This also applies to eating and drinking, which COVID apparently allows people to do without bothering to infect them.

“We’re told, for example, you can dance at nightclubs but you can’t go to the bar for a drink, it’s very confusing. You could probably dance to the bar,” quipped Social Democrats co-leader Catherine Murphy.

“Just laughable. This cannot be about health,” commented another respondent.

Despite the utter stupidity of the rules, expect most to comply, given that they’ve already been trained to wear a mask for the 10 yard walk from the door of a restaurant to their table.

Meanwhile, mask freaks continue to try to mandate that everyone join their cult by pressuring the UK government to re-impose restrictions.

On July 17, when mask mandates were in place and had been for the entire year, the UK recorded 54,183 COVID cases.

That was the highest number of cases recorded for the entire year apart from a handful of days in January.

Keep complying, idiots.

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