Dodgers mascot? Jack in the Box head? Mr. Met? Big headed fan puzzles viewers of NL wild-card game

A lot of celebrities take in games at Dodger Stadium. That’s what happens when you have postseason games in Los Angeles.

But viewers were less interested in the famous names and more intrigued by a strange head that appeared behind home plate in the bottom of the first inning.

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The giant head disappeared in the second inning before the TBS broadcast showed that it hadn’t exactly left the game.

So what was the big head supposed to be anyway? It certainly wasn’t the Dodgers’ mascot, as Los Angeles has never had an official mascot. Was he the Jack in the Box mascot, Jack Box? He certainly looks similar, but he’s not quite that mascot either.

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Instead, it seems most likely that it was just a random fan who brought a bizarre head to wear to the game. For the unlucky fans behind him, he was simply an obstacle to the view of the game from their seats for half an inning.

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The mystery of the big head got everyone wondering just who the big head might be. Here were some thoughts from Twitter.

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