PSV Establishes Unique Partnership With Crypto Broker

PSV Eindhoven and crypto broker Anycoin Direct have entered into a unique partnership as of August. The cryptocurrency provider will be the Official Partner of PSV for the next two seasons. This unique arrangement between Dutch football club PSV and Anycoin Direct is that they will pay PSV the full sponsorship amount in Bitcoin. By doing so, PSV is the first football club in the EU to raise a part of the sponsorship revenue this way. 

Frans Janssen, commercial director of PSV is very enthusiastic about the cooperation, due to the fact that PSV has a lot of faith in cryptocurrencies. “The possibilities and the future that the world of cryptocurrencies offers are very promising,” says Janssen. “As a club in the heart of the Brainport region, we are always working on innovation, and cryptocurrency fits well into this picture.”

PSV’s innovation is shown by the fact that they pay out the entire sponsorship amount in Bitcoin. They are the first football club to enter into a partnership with one of their sponsors in this fashion.

After signing the contract, a wallet was created on which the payment of Bitcoins could be facilitated. “Anycoin paid their sponsor rights to us via a certain number of Bitcoins which we hold in our own wallet,” Janssen says. PSV stated clearly that it has no intention of selling their Bitcoins.

Anycoin Direct is equally delighted about the partnership. “I grew up in the region and have always been a PSV fan. As a technology company from the Brainport region, we are excited about the partnership with PSV. ” says Lennert Vlemmings, COO at Anycoin Direct. “We want to increase awareness of crypto in the Netherlands and introduce people to it in a safe and accessible way. The payment in Bitcoin marks the next step for the adoption of cryptocurrency in the EU.”

By establishing this partnership, PSV has chosen a trusted local partner where you can buy several cryptocurrencies, despite the fact there were several foreign crypto companies interested. “To enter into this partnership with a reliable party that opts for a personal approach is very important for us as a club.” According to Frans Janssen.

The crypto broker, founded in 2013 by three friends, is located in Veghel, a mere 20 kilometres from PSV’s Philips stadium. Because of this, PSV continues its trend of bringing in sponsors from its own region.

The 108-year-old club from Eindhoven, with 24 championships at the highest level, carried out a playful action earlier this year in the form of an NFT. An NFT stands for Non-Fungible Token and is a non-exchangeable, irreplaceable digital certificate of entitlement.

PSV has applied this form of crypto technology by selling footage of the Europa cup 1 final won in NFT format and does not rule out doing more of this kind of playful activities in the future.

PSV is one of the first sports clubs to embrace the cryptocurrency world and the partnership of Anycoin Direct is a testament to that. This unique partnership may be the beginning of a general adoption of crypto in the sports industry.

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