Rob Gronkowski explains film study habits: ‘I watch so much film that my girlfriend gets mad at me’

Rob Gronkowski made what appeared to be a startling revelation on Peyton and Eli Manning’s “Monday Night Football” megacast.

“I don’t watch film,” the Buccaneers tight end told the Manning brothers, per “I do go up to Tom [Brady], because I know Tom watches like, I don’t know, 40 hours of film a week. [I’ll ask], ‘Tom, who is covering me, and what type of coverages are they doing?’ I go, ‘That’s why I love playing with you, Tom, you know everything.'”

However, it appears that Gronkowski was just joking. Gronk cleared the air at Bucs practice on Wednesday and explained that he is dedicated to film study like his teammates.

“I actually watch tons of film. An overload of film,” Gronkowski said, per ESPN.

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So, why did Gronkowski say that he didn’t? He was just having fun while participating in the lighthearted show.

“I will probably blame [Bucs vice president of communications] Nelson [Luis] over there,” Gronkowski said. “He asked me eight times to go on the show. I told him, ‘It’s not a good idea.’ They always get me in that type of silly atmosphere, and that’s what happened.”

Apparently, getting Gronkowski in a silly headspace is easy to do. Gronkowski joked that Buccaneers coach Bruce Arians told him there would be consequences for his comments.

“Now coach [Arians] threatened me,” Gronkowski said, in jest. “I don’t get my vet day anymore.”

Arians had actually joked to reporters earlier that day that he would be taking away Gronkowski’s veteran rest day, so that may have been a sharp callback from the tight end.

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Gronk also explained that his film study habits are so strong that they bother his girlfriend, model Camille Kostek.

“Trust me, I watch so much film that my girlfriend gets mad at me. She friggin’ throws s— at me sometimes, I’m watching so much film,” Gronkowski joked. “Sometimes I go home and she’s like, ‘You’ve been gone all day and now you’re studying, you’ve got your iPad out,’ and I’m like, ‘Yeah, I’ve gotta get into it. I gotta learn.'”

Kostek denied that story was true and claimed that Gronkowski was in a “silly mood” at practice.

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It seems like Gronk just continues to have fun off the field. He seems to be having fun on it too, as he has racked up 12 catches for 129 yards and a whopping four touchdowns in two games so far this season. But he also acknowledged that he’s putting in hard work to perform this well in his 11th NFL season.

“It never feels, like, totally easy,” Gronkowski said. “It really never does. Even when it looks easy, it just doesn’t really like, ‘Oh, man, that was easy.’ It’s just really not because there’s just so much work that goes into it. But I would say that just the way we’ve been practicing and just being on the same page, we’ve just gotta [continue] to build that or else teams are gonna stop you.”

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