Shiba Inu Now Live On Coinbase, Can SHIB Price ‘Kill A Zero’ Now?

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Shiba Inu finally gets live on a week after its listing on Coinbase Pro. The asset is now live to trade on, its Android & IOS apps which could attract a wider user base. And therefore, the SHIB price rallied breaking through the consolidation to  trend above $0.00000800.

Previously when the asset was listed on Binance and Coinbase Pro, a similar but less intensified rally was witnessed. But the rally appears to be more violent as the price still continues to jump despite a slight pullback. Moreover, the price is constantly attempting to prevent the bears to extract all the profits and in turn, drag the value down.  

Currently, the SHIB price just touched the key resistance area and tanked below these levels. However, the price is reattempting the surpass these levels in order to test the next resistance zone above $0.00000922. Further killing a zero and rallying above $0.00001 could be imminent for the asset.

After a week-long consolidation, the price broke through the narrow trend, accumulating huge strength. And the huge single green candle is the proof of the building strong bullish momentum. The asset remained at the top of the trends since it was listed on Coinbase Pro and the listing on Coinbase resulted in a 440% jump in the trading volume. 

The trading volume spiked from just $185 million to more than a billion within minutes of the announcement. And very soon the asset could enter the top 50 cryptocurrency ranking with another 10% jump. Coinbase exchange is currently the second-largest market for the asset after Binance, accounting for almost 20% of the total trade. 

Collectively, while the crypto space is just having a serious thought before the next leg up, Shiba Inu price rose mercilessly. The asset which was thought to be dead due to drowned social media attention, regain through this marvellous move. Coinbase exchange which is among the top exchanges in the crypto space could uplift the SHIB price above $0.0001 which it is attempting for a very long.

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