Pentagon Unaware Of State Department Security Alert Telling Americans Not To Come to Kabul Airport

Authored by Sundance via The Last Refuge (emphasis ours),

The Eagle’s Stare…

In keeping with the FUBAR dynamic… a deeper, perhaps more concerning, picture is emerging.  The Pentagon held a press briefing today with Defense Department spokesperson John Kirby and Maj. General Hank Taylor.  After initial comments, the first question was about the State Department telling Americans not to attempt to come to the airport.  Kirby and Taylor did not know about it.

Maj General Taylor admitted, “I’m not familiar with that directly.”  [See video 04:08 Prompted]:

Defense Department Spokesperson John Kirby was put in a very uncomfortable position of answering questions about a State Department alert he was not knowledgeable about.

Stand back for a moment.  Was the release from the State Dept timed to catch Kirby and Taylor off-guard?   Having watched these internecine battles unfold amid Deep State institutions wanting to protect their own interests and avoid blame for their part of the FUBAR, my answer is a resounding yes.

The State Department is the bureaucratic scum that creates the environment for DC swamp creatures to exist.  Keep in mind the Dept of State (DoS) is a sister agency to the CIA.  DoS and CIA embed together, operate together and align in common purpose.  As such, the picture starts to gain clarity…. The State Dept is turning against the White House to protect itself.

Now, here is where you need to overlay the narrative engineers.  Remember, the State Dept public relations outlet is CNN.  The CIA use The Washington Post. The FBI use Politico and the New York Times.  I have repeatedly outlined this synergy because it is times like this when that understanding brings clarity to the picture.

At the same time, the Dept of State (DoS) is undermining the Pentagon.  CNN is turning against the White House.  Can you see the ideological framework now?   DoS and CNN have a common purpose and agenda.

Around the world, various governments know that CNN and CNNi are essentially U.S. State Media.  That is why our adversaries talk about CNN as propaganda for U.S. strategic interests.  If you have followed this for years, you have many reference points.

Because CNN is the narrative engineering outlet for the State Dept, CNN is also aligned in favor of their sister institution, the CIA.  Together, the three institutions operate globally with a synergy and collaborative message.

Within this Deep State internecine battle, and with CNN and DoS turning against Joe Biden, that means the CIA now aligns against the White House.  [Tripwire Alert: look for the Washington Post to start undermining Joe Biden/White House].  Keep in mind, White House Press Secretary Jen Psaki used to be the spokesperson for the State Department.  Have you seen Psaki recently?   There you go….

Deep State interests in DC are Machiavellian constructs; we have boatloads of reference points from their unified opposition to Donald Trump.  With that in mind, we should watch to see the tell-tale signs of whether Jen Psaki was implanted in the White House specifically as an insurance policy against a Deep State foreign policy FUBAR like we are seeing right now.

In the interim, modify the focus of your prism as you review all new events in/around Afghanistan to see the connective tissue between CNN, the State Department and CIA [strongest institution within the Intelligence Branch].  Then keep in mind, the Senate is in alignment with, and a facilitator for, the Intelligence Branch.  As a consequence, the institution of the senate will align with the interests of the State Department; and, by default align with the CIA, intelligence community and CNN reporting.

The deepest, swampiest part of the Deep State is protecting its interests against the outcome of a crisis in Afghanistan they collectively created.  The picture has now emerged of their plan to blame the White House, and by extension Joe Biden along with the Pentagon.

That dynamic is why Tucker Carlson was perplexed yesterday saying “something is going on here.”  Tucker knows, but he has to pretend he doesn’t know, while simultaneously outlining the ‘curious media duplicity’.  Indeed, if you don’t travel the deep murky water of the swamp, it is weird to see CNN (really the State Dept.) turn against the White House. However, once you know the connections it makes more sense.

Team Barack H Obama is curiously silent as this dynamic plays out.  I would advise to watch for signs of Obama aligning with Team State Department.

The ideological alignment between Team DoS and Team Obama is much stronger than the Pentagon; and Team Obama would like nothing more than to see the U.S. military weakened on the international stage, because that makes their forward efforts (think United Nations) easier to achieve.

BIG PICTURE – Remember, there was a time when the eagle’s stare on the Presidential seal used to point toward the quiver of arrows, while the eagle’s stare on the DoS seal used to point to the olive branch.

This ideological dynamic has existed for a long time.

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