Colombian COVID Variant Hits Florida

There’s a new Covid strain on the block – the Colombian – and it’s hit South Florida. According to Jackson Health CEO Carlos Migoya, 10% of Covid-positive patients whose lab tests were sequenced at the University of Miami’s pathology lab have the new variant.

No word on whether the new strain is more infectious or deadly.

As Local 10 reports,

That sequencing lab reports the following percentages of variant cases among COVID positives:

“Here’s a real shocking thing that’s spreading in Colombia quite a bit,” said Migoya, adding “And they haven’t seen it anywhere else outside of Colombia. Well, guess what? In the last week, 10% of our patients had the Colombian variant. Why? Because of the travel between Colombia and Miami.”

The Colombian variant has yet to earn a non-racist Greek name by the World Health Organization (WHO), and is officially known as the B.1.621 variant.

And while Colombia is in South America – and not a major contributor to illegal migration into the United States, one has to wonder how quickly the new variant will spread to Honduras, El Salvador and Guatemala – less than 700 miles to the North – from which tens of thousands of unvaccinated migrants continue to enter the United States with reckless abandon.

As Betsy McCaughey noted earlier this month in the NY Post, “Team Biden is banning foreign travelers from many countries, including the United Kingdom, even if they’re fully vaccinated. Yet the prez is OK with letting hundreds of thousands of unvaccinated foreigners wade across the Rio Grande to enter the United States via the southern border.”

According to Immigration and Customs Enforcement data, more than 80 percent of these migrants are unvaccinated. Some come from countries such as Brazil and Peru that have high infection rates and worrisome variants. The vaccination rates in Honduras and Guatemala, the countries of origin for most border crossers, are less than 1 percent.

The Border Patrol doesn’t routinely test or vaccinate migrants when they’re apprehended, so data on infection rates are generally lacking. But when testing is done, the results are alarming. During a one-week period in California, a staggering 15 percent of migrants released into the community by the Border Patrol were found to be COVID-infected. 

Some of these migrants brought the disease from their home country or picked it up en route, while others caught it in crowded border detention facilities. Either way, once they’re processed by border authorities and board buses to far-away destinations such as New York and Chicago, they pose a national danger. Biden and Vice President Kamala Harris need to slam shut the border for health reasons.

“As a candidate, Biden promised to “follow the science.” But no surprise, he’s putting politics first.”

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