Russia Uses Augmented Reality Technologies To Produce Su-57 Fighter Jet

By South Front,

Russia is using augmented reality technologies on the production line for its Su-57 fifth-generation fighter jet, according to videos that recently surfaced online.

The videos were allegedly filmed in March 2020 at the United Aircraft Corporation’s Komsomolsk-on-Amur Aviation Plant and show a first person look through an augmented reality headset providing workers with interactive features during the Su-57 assembling.

The system works with QR codes that are being attached to Su-57 parts and allow specialists to work with the combination of real-world and virtual objects.

The leaked videos with the augmented reality technology show the previously unrevealed level of the sophistication in the production of Russian fighter jets.

In comparison, Northrop Grumman employs projectors to highlight parts of the F-35 on the production line and help specialists involved in the fighter jet assembling. Nonetheless, this can hardly been compared with the interactive augmented reality.

It seems that there are some little gaps in the mainstream media concept of painting Russia the third-world power that can nothing besides selling energy resources and meddling in the US election.

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