DOJ Sues Facebook For Discriminating Against US Workers, Reserving Jobs For H1-B Workers

The bad blood between president Trump and Facebook spilled over on Thursday afternoon, when the Trump administration sued Facebook, accusing it of illegally reserving high-paying jobs for immigrant workers it was sponsoring for permanent residence, rather than searching for available US residents who could fill the positions.

While not directly an attack on Facebook’s Section 230 protections, in a 17-page complaint filed Thursday, the DOJ took a different route, when its civil-rights division said Facebook inadequately advertised at least 2,600 positions between 2018 and 2019 that were filled by immigrants on H-1B high-skill visas when the company was applying to sponsor those workers for green cards. Companies sponsoring workers for employment-based green cards are required to show as part of the federal application process that they couldn’t find any qualified American workers to fill the job.

The suit said Facebook didn’t advertise the reserved positions on its website and requires candidates to mail in their applications rather than accepting them online, according to the WSJ.

“And even when U.S. workers do apply, Facebook will not consider them for the advertised positions,” the suit alleges. “Simply put, Facebook reserves these positions for temporary visa holders.”

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