Maldives Offers $52,000 Remote Office ‘Work From Paradise’ Package

The Maldives – the cluster of paradise islands located in the Indian Ocean – is taking ambitious steps to jump start tourism again amid the global pandemic, though all inbound visitors have to show a negative COVID-19 test. 

One local resort, The Nautilus Maldives, is even offering a “Workation Package” to attract remote workers, launching a $23,250 luxury remote working package. And the temporary office hideaway can be booked for up to 21 days, which would set a person back $52,000

Via The Nautilus Maldives 

According to CNN, this includes a desk with an ocean view, a personal assistant looking after every need, and a steady supply of refreshments, as well as daily yoga class and sunset cruises.

And of course the whopping price tag also includes a steady stream of cocktails and “breakfast anywhere, anytime”. 

The ultimate work from paradise experience also includes the availability of a desk and work station on a sandbar off the private island’s beach for up to a few hours a day.

Via The Nautilus Maldives 

Guests are guaranteed “incredible seclusion” and all inclusive everything taken care of, down to laundry. 

The full three-week ‘work from paradise’ stay breaks down to a “deal” of almost $2,500 a day. However, a two week package is also available at $37,850 total.

Illustrative file image, luxury villa via Premier Maldives.

This also of course includes being set up with a phone, wireless printer, fax machine, scanner, portable projector and anything else required of a modern office. 

For the few who can actually afford this ‘work site’, we doubt too many junior employees back home will be too impressed with their well-payed bosses and executives conducting streaming conference calls from their ‘personal island’ retreat and spectacular scenic backdrop. 

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