Man Catches Fire After Comrade Throws Molotov In Portland; Riot Declared, Tear Gas Deployed

A Portland protester rioter caught fire after running through a molotov cocktail thrown by a comrade Saturday night, during the city’s 100th straight of protests.

The man attempted to douse the flames as one onlooker shouted “stop, drop and roll!

Play by play:

Portland police worked with state troopers to force the crowd to disperse, thwarting their attempts to march to the nearby East Precinct, where dozens of police officers were waiting for them, according to Oregon Live.

Dozens of officers arrived to block the crowd’s path on Stark Street. Around 9:20 p.m., some people in the crowd threw at least three Molotov cocktail-like devices toward the police line. Another person lit a firework. One of the devices appeared to wound the foot of a bystander.

The series of explosions prompted police to immediately declare the gathering a riot and order people to leave. Police forced the crowd east and, within minutes, released tear gas onto the crowd.Oregon Live

Portland PD deployed tear gas as protesters tossed fireworks in the street.

Police eventually rushed in and took down several protesters.

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