Kenosha Or Kosovo? Shocking Images Reveal Destruction After Race Riots Leave Buildings In Ruins

Harrowing scenes of destruction have emerged from Kenosha, where several nights of BLM riots have left the Wisconsin town looking like it’s been through war.

Entire buildings have been reduced to rubble, businesses have been destroyed, and parking lots full of burnt-out cars are all that’s left in some parts of the town, after riots over the shooting of 29-year-old black suspect Jacob Blake only came to a halt after President Trump sent the National Guard to restore order.

Josh Glancy, Washington Bureau Chief of the Sunday Times documented some of the aftermath, which locals believe was caused largely by “out of towners.”

Glancey closes by noting: As we were talking, a young man came to ask the owner where the nearest post box was. “There used to be two across the street,” he replied. “But they both just got burnt.

Meanwhile, the Kenosha News obtained aerial images from photographer Sean Krajacic.

President Trump couldn’t have asked for a better campaign advertisement.

Meanwhile, Trump will be in Kenosha on Tuesday…

Will they cart Biden out of his basement to do the same? We would note that Trump visited flood-ravaged Baton Rouge when he was a candidate in 2016 following Louisiana’s worst natural disaster since Hurricane Sandy in 2012.

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